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Balboa Threadworks was established in 1987, when the designs in Lee and Keith Caroselli's Retail store caught the eye of Impressions Magazine. Because of the unique quality of their design work, Keith and his sister Lee were encouraged to share their creativity with the industry. Their introduction at the Dallas Imprinted Sportswear Show was literally a show stopper! Highlighting the event was the Balboa Stitch Designs. A group of low stitch designs that allowed for low cost, but elegantly stitched images.

Their collection has now grown to encompass the finest quality stock embroidery designs in the Industry. Known for realism, beautiful blends of color as well as ease of running, this brother sister team have wowed the industry since that introduction in 1987.

Their Unique background of both Fine Arts and Commercial Art, combined with 24 years of Retail experience, has given the Carosellis an edge in the embroidery design market.

That "edge" in Excellence and Innovation has been recognized by the Industry Magazines from the beginning. The Caroselli's are proud recipients of three International Grand Prizes and one International Creativity Award as well as numerous First Places in numerous categories. 

It is this talent that caused Lee Caroselli to be named Digitizer of Distinction by Impressions Magazine in 1998 and Keith later in 2000. It is also this talent and desire for excellence that is behind each of the designs in their collection. Voted the Best in the Industry by their peers, the Caroselli's have been inducted into the Embroidery Hall of Fame.

Best known for the "Elvis Presley Stamp", they are equally as proud of the stock designs that are displayed here as well as the custom pieces that they do, but their pride extends further, by always concentrating on the personal touch Keith, Lee and Dawn, Keith's wife are just a phone call away. Dawn's cheery voice will greet you when you choose to make your order directly. She tests the designs, as well, and can speak for their quality.

As a team, the three have added a comprehensive Digitizing Course for those of you that are ready to become Digitizers, and for those of you that would like to add the Balboa Threadworks Technique to your design work. The closely guarded secrets and the years of experience in the Industry are shared at these Videos. These classes, like everything else that the Caroselli's do, are done with the belief that "Good Embroidery leads to more Embroidery" and more Embroidery means more enjoyment, and Profit, for everyone.

Recently, Lee and Dawn lost Keith to Melanoma.  His legacy remains and is embodied in his designs, and his Road Kill Site, his Griddle,  and videos. Just For is worth the tour.  As our friends at NNEP so aptly put it, the World is a little less spicier now without him.

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