Balboa Embroidery Designs
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. How much is the Wilcom Software?

Q. Do you have to be on the Internet to use the teaching videos?

Q. Are your teaching videos only for Wilcom?

Q. How many designs are in the Full Package?

Q. May I resell a garment with a Balboa design on it?

Q. What is the difference between Commercial and Home Sewing designs?

Q. Can I resize the designs, and how much?

Q. How can I convert Balboa Designs to a format for my machine?

Q. What Formats do the Balboa Designs come in?

Q. Why do the designs come up in the wrong colors?

Q. When I buy a design, a package of Designs, or Balboa Tutorials do I own them?

Q. What thread colors do you call out?

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