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Learn to Digitize1.jpg Learn to digitize at your own pace,  at home or in your office, 24/7.  With  Balboa's Tutorials you will learn the basic stitches used to create embroidery designs, your run stitch,  your column or satin stitch, and your  fill or tatami stitch.

Learn the Fine Points of Digitizing, How to Blend and Shade for realism,  minimize stitches and maximize  effect! 

Best of All you will Learn to Digitize  with Confidence, Knowing what you  see is what you will get.


Learn to Master your Stitches and Become a Master Digitizer!

New, Quick Steps to Successful Embroidery! 
Need help now, even in the middle of the night? Outlines don't line up, circles not  round, colors are not blending, Nothing is working?   Check Here for Quick Steps to fix the probem.

To Learn more click on the Picture Above.
For Information on our Full Course, Fine Points of Digitizing and our Quick Steps 
to Success, as well as our Deco/ES Start Up Video, Click on the video tabs to the Right.


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