Balboa Embroidery Designs



     It is talent and a desire for excellence that is behind each of the designs in the Caroselli's collection. Inducted into the Embroidery Hall of Fame in 2002 for their "Painterly" approach to embroidery as well as their willingness to share their secrets in Tutorials, the Carosellis have created masterpieces in this new Medium.
     Years of work perfecting this Medium, and hours of creation and research are behind the pieces feaured in the Galleries of Framed and Wearable Art.
     Proving that you CAN blend colors with commercial embroidery thread, the Carosellis offer a limited number of their selections for purchase.  Enjoy.

     Contest #1 and Contest #2 are reserved for work done by the Carosellis' students and customers.  Please contact Balboa if you have a piece that you feel should be featured......



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