Balboa Embroidery Designs

"I have been using Balboa Threadworks designs for five years. Their designs especially for wildlife, horses and dogs are the best I have found. They have a wonderful technique to make animals appear three dimensional. Since I do a lot of dog and horse shows, as well as, have a lot of wildlife enthusiasts as clients, the Balboa designs are very popular. Many times at shows, people come up and actually 'pet' the designs as if they were alive. Balboa has also done some custom work for me. Their designs have always run well and if there is any questions, they are always right there to assist in whatever way possible. I can never wait until their next new horse, dog or wildlife designs are available!"

- Deb McFarland (Eloquent Expressions, Inc.)


"Balboa Threadworks owned and operated by Lee Caroselli, Keith Caroselli and Keith's wife Dawn, has sold thousands of stock designs to customers around the world. The veteran digitizers also have won more than a dozen industry awards, including four in the annual EMB Honors competition: Winner, Embroidery On Nonwearables 1995, Winner, Embroidery on Nonwearables 1996, Winner Multimedia 1997," and Winner on Nonwearables 1998 by Dawn for her Christmas quilt." "The Balboa Stitch has become one of the most recognized techniques in embroidery, developed by the digitizers to solve the problem of creating full-front embroidered designs without cost-prohibiting high stitch counts."

- Impressions Magazine


"Lee Caroselli - Award-winning digitizer has become well known in the industry for her deft touch with color blending and detail, and her painterly approach to digitizing. She and her brother Keith founded Balboa Threadworks more than ten years ago to create stock and custom designs. She has digitized all manor of designs, including the U.S. Postal Service's official Elvis Presley Stamp and linen motifs for Lenox China. She also works avidly to promote the understanding of copyright and intellectual property law as it applies to embroidery."

- Embroidery Trade Association


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